abusive individuals, groups, and nations all mentally ill

June 28th, 2012

ok, here it is, my theory:

Individuals who abuse others:  bullies, household tyrants, wife-beaters, child-abusers;

Groups & organizations who abuse others (individuals or groups):  this includes not only KKK, for example, but organizations whose modus operandi is deliberately taking unfair advantage of others;

and Nations who abuse other nations, groups or individuals; Germany under Hitler, of course, but also US, because like it or not, admit it to yourself or don’t, our unnecessary, repeat, unnecessary violence, killing, and threatening presence on this globe is unmatched;

all abusive individuals, groups, and nations suffer from similar mental illness.  The two most in-your-face symptoms of this pathology are:  1) absence of empathy  2) self-aggrandizement  (The act or practice of enhancing or exaggerating one’s own importance, power, or reputation.)

beauty and the beast

April 10th, 2012

“Beloved I need to love you – every aspect, every pore.”

And this time God said,

“There is a hideous blemish on my body,
though it is such an infinitesimal part of my Being-
could you kiss that if it were revealed?”

“I will try, Lord, I will try.”

And then God said,
“That blemish is all the hatred and
cruelty in this

– fr. “Could You Embrace That”, Thomas Aquinas, c. 1245

I love literature, I love the written expression of thought!  I have loved innumerable books with  a quiet, tremendous passion which in many cases has eventually extended to the individual responsible for expressing his/herself so formidably in words!  I have loved stories!  I have loved the sustained expression of original idea.  I’ve loved and adored many writers and thinkers — and beyond that — Life itself, the mysterious ‘without which’, neither thinker nor thought would arise!  I love and have always loved just wondering and thinking about Life —  the Great Mystery that even Nikola Tesla (well, maybe Nikola Tesla) and even Dennis McKenna (well, maybe Dennis McKenna) haven’t, with all their original human brilliance, yet been able to solve.

When my kids were younger, I homeschooled them.  I had heard about homeschooling and had met and talked to a few homeschooling families.  The remarkable self-composure of homeschooled children made an immediate impression on me.  I reflected upon my own public school education for a few seconds and contrasted my own teenage insecurity and immaturity with what I saw in teenage homeschooled children, and decided to give homeschooling a try.  I didn’t have the wealth to pay for the kind of schools I wanted for my kids and I believed they’d be better off without the tutelage of unintelligent, mediocre minds.  It isn’t that I believed myself to be a brilliant individual capable of educating my kids all by myself–no, in fact the enormity of the (unpaid, 24/7) job was daunting. When I looked back upon my own education in public school, all I saw was excruciating boredom, marked and defined by the interminable length of time one minute took to tick by on the ever-present black and white classroom clock.

My husband, now x, was agreeable.  So without further ado, I launched into home education.

For the next ten years, I traveled a long and winding road of discovery.  In the process of home-educating my children, I became educated, for the first time.  I realized, little by little, how completely worthless my 13 childhood years from kindergarten through high school, spent in the school institution, had been for me and no doubt were for very many others, I believe the vast majority.  Not only did my 13 years at school produce an uneducated person, they produced a confused person, confused and ignorant about world history, American history, and science; essentially the world around me and the story of human beings through time.

Although I was always an “A” math student, I came to realize that all of the wonder, all of the beauty of discovery, all of the evolution and story of the development of math, from Pythagoras until Einstein were omitted from school math, which was introduced to children as a body of pre-fab, formulaic, increasingly complex knowledge to be memorized.

When I, a college graduate BA English Literature, began, at the age of 34, to teach my children science, I was confused about what “Science” is.  If somebody had said to me, “Define “Science”, I would have been confused, and probably would have mumbled an unintelligible guess.  I don’t know what my answer would have been, but surely I wouldn’t have known enough to say, “Science is looking at the mystery of everything around us, including us, with curiosity, and trying to make sense of it.”

Science was presented, like math, as a pre-determined, given body of information to be memorized.  From the very beginning, in kindergarten or first grade, we were given textbooks with chapters about planets or plants or rocks or dinosaurs, with vocabulary words to be memorized and remembered, and fractured information to be tested upon, which then proceeded to determine where one registered on the omnipresent scale from very smart to incredibly dumb.



good luck with dat y’all

February 29th, 2012

the recent events, legislation and inter-global government activity which, all taken and strung together make up the contemporary short history “Policing of the Internet”, make for a truly thought-provoking and new realm of philosophical speculation.

We can look at human post-”Dark Ages” History as one era and timeline of evolution, activity, political restructuring, shifting of national boundaries, war and policing.  Going back a little further in human evolution, we can look at what we know of the beginnings of human post/pre-history through the “Dark Ages” as another era and timeline of evolution and human activity, shifting political and national structures and boundaries, war-making and policing.

In our lifetime, just a hop, skip and a hip-hop step ago, we witnessed the dawning of a new age. There should be no question left in anybody’s mind, but that the rise of the World-Wide-Web marked the end of one long, tedious and material era of human history and the beginning of a brand new otherworldly, ultra-dimensional one.

The New Human History is a story that takes place in “Cyberspace”.  Cyberspace is a realm that didn’t even exist in pre-network computing human history.  We can think of the short history of cyberspace as the birth, growth and limitless expansion of a new dimension of space, like the space that humans have inhabited and thoroughly polluted on the globe, with their feet on the ground and their swords and guns and bombs in their hands or falling down from their airplanes.  Palaces, prisons, ships, airplanes, factories, cathedrals, kings, princesses, knights…animals, flowers and trees, forests, mountains and meadows, oceans, lakes, rivers…..kings, popes, presidents, dictators…. housing, feeding… poverty and wealth… the struggle of the people against over-controlling domination…

Looking back over what we know of mankind’s habitation of the globe, we can isolate the history of man’s war-making and policing efforts and think of it as the history of man’s attempt to gain or maintain Control.  When we are talking about activity on the firmament, we can relate to and understand that humans want stuff for themselves. Beyond food and shelter, they (or at least a segment of the human population and I will add (without malice) that they are by-and-large tend to be male) always appear to want concentrated wealth — not for the purpose of survival and not for survival’s haughty cousin comfort, but for something more abstract and something that wouldn’t even be desirable if not for the vast and generally thereupon impoverished audience.  We refer to this abstraction as ‘Power’.

A few days ago, there was what we now refer to as a ‘glitch’ in the Chinese (and that would mean most-heavily censored) internet.  A ‘glitch’ is like an opening in cyberspace that allows people to go somewhere or do something that they normally wouldn’t be allowed or able to do.  Taking advantage of the portal, the Chinese gained momentary access to the President of the United States’ Google+ social networking page.  Hundreds of Chinese grabbed the unusual opportunity (seized the moment) and posted messages on Obama’s page.  These messages were cries for help.  The Chinese want freedom of expression on the computer because their leadership imposes more restrictions and censorship than any other currently on the globe.  For heaven’s sake, the Chinese cannot even Tweet!!

Lately (and not in mainstream media) but thanks to internet and global news sources, we read more and more about our own United States government and other national governments around the world scheming on and enacting legislation regarding ‘policing’ and censorship of the internet, of cyberspace.  We are now witness to one story after the next, of people being arrested, interrogated, imprisoned (tortured … by US as well as Them)… for cyberspace-related behaviors, activities, misbehaviors and violence.  There are the child pornographers and the Facebook slanderers; and there are the Wikileaks adventurers and exposure-provocateurs (whom I think we should bow down before but who are now being indefinitely detained… and tortured)…




global consciousness vs. the NWO II

February 20th, 2012

so, as mentioned earlier, I, lilysoleil (as I refer to my alter creative underlying and fermenting self) as opposed to my social persona – the one people see out and about, a perfectly interchangeable cog living out the American Dream — walking by homeless wrecks of humanity with barely a glance or a troubling thought, for example — I tend to gravitate more toward the Global Consciousness camp of human prophecy.

There are reasons for this beyond simple conviction and belief — all evidence notwithstanding.

First of all,  I’ve had 51 years to notice that people are afraid.  Fear has a spectrum, the extreme end of which is ongoing paranoia (‘hell’).  At the opposing end of the fear spectrum, fear is a potential, inside, lying dormant and awakened in times of real threat. I’ve also had 51 years to learn and realize that ‘Love’ truly is an antithesis of fear.  It’s hard to define love and love has a spectrum also; but I have learned, simply put, that Love is good and fear is bad.

Can one put such simple, absolute value judgments on emotions?

I don’t think Love or Fear are only emotions.  I think they are living unseen somethings. When fundamentalist Christians refer to Satan or Lucifer rising up to battle Jesus and God in End Times, I think they are referring to, what I think of as, Love and Fear.

I’ve arrived at these ideas through thought, experience, learning and through what I’d refer to as faith.  I’ve arrived at a higher understanding of love thanks to my own long and painful journey through the dark night.


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