What is an American?

May 4th, 2014

What is an American?

An American isn’t well-educated.  Education, like everything else in America is related to money:  how much you have or don’t have.  Education in its true sense of the word, doesn’t matter to Americans; in fact, possessing a wide breadth of knowledge or being an intellectual of high caliber could be more of a detriment than a value.  An individual with a wonderfully rich mind could easily be overlooked or shunned if the wealth of knowledge isn’t somehow or another transformed into pocket wealth.

America is a monarchy and the Dollar sporting the all-seeing eye atop the pyramid is King.

response to Henry Giroux’s clear-eyed take on today’s American far-right-ism

June 7th, 2012


June 5, 2012:  lilyfield says:

I read this article and liked it very much.  I think ‘fundamentalism’ is a good description of the extremist mentality of America’s government and society these days.  It is so strange to be in the midst of a society that seems so needlessly cruel in so many different areas — in particular the prison system (and children are being incarcerated at a vastly accelerated rate, also being held in solitary confinement, also put into adult prisons), and the “wars” (quotes because if you ask any American why we are in Iraq, Afghanistan… they are confused and stutter helplessly!!)

Maybe we were always very cruel – but these days, school are like little prisons (not the schools of the privileged) with kids being searched, watched, drug-tested, harrassed by police at school, taken off from school to junior prisons for any little infraction.  Young people are arrested and put in prison for “suspicion of belonging to a gang”.  Lately there were 2 separate incidents of 6-year-olds being handcuffed in kindergarten class and taken off to the the police station!!   people accept this!!  is that strange????

In his many books and articles, Henry Giroux addresses today’s social realities regarding American children with a great deal of insight, including the idea that America considers entire groups of people, “disposable” — mostly the poor black population (witness apathetic government response to Hurricane Katrina’s human wreckage) which comprise large urban ghettoes in every city, but also working class kids!!  Large groups of these populations live their lives within the ever-expanding prison/probation system (& for-profit prison is now a rising industry!)

Die Antwoord — A South African upper-class lookdown

June 7th, 2012


June 7, 2012 at 3:15 am: lilyfield says:

your sense of class superiority is almost frightening!! I am a 50-year-old American.  Die Antwoord has an formidable appeal that is totally foreign, totally breaks boundaries!! They perform harmoniously… the two rap together in a very unusual complimentary and in-tune-with-one-another way. Both ninja and yolandi appear to Americans as strikingly original, strikingly different, and most of all, willing to be themselves, in spite of the rest of the world, an attractive quality.  In America, people tend to emulate celebrities and tend to unthinkingly and consistently compromise themselves for $$$$.

I liken your sense of superiority to the sense of superiority that privileged (white — goes without saying) people here feel to the “ghetto” (poor black “inner-city”) culture, and to rap, (“real rap”, not “pop rap”). They exhibit a tendency to be socially over-conditioned and judgmental, to recoil from the urgent energy of rap.

Another reaction Americans must have to Die Antwoord, is visceral shock over their extraordinarily carefree and bountiful foul language, evil-associated imagery, and Yolandi’s frank sexual behavior. Americans soak up porn on the internet like there’s no tomorrow, but when it comes to celebrities and stars, there is an aura of vast privilege, not to mention $$$$$, so that frank sexuality, frank self-expression, and true originality, give way to pleasing and teasing.

Die Antwoord seems totally original, totally harmonious, shockingly willing, no doubt and blatantly, a product of a class-oppressive culture, as well as an uncaring world. They are a wonderful mesmerizing embodiment of our extraordinary global time and place in history.  One has to wonder what could possibly follow up Die Antwoord.

halloween joker

November 22nd, 2011

and dressed up for Halloween as the Joker, he — always so normal, always so correctly-behaved! — began to feel unfamiliar stirrings deep within, disturbances, shadowed partial remembrances, dream-like and as if from long long ago, time before time….
and they had a thoroughly disturbing and yet compelling and, he had to notice delicious, diabolical flavor– depraved, demonic…
this followed by creeping thoughts—definitely unbidden! definitely unwelcome! above all, horrifyingly reprehensible — thoughts of rape, blood, murder, mass destruction, lust and the consummate satisfaction of unrestrained, uncivilized mayhem to the nth degree……..