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One Gorgeous F*ing Smile

 One Gorgeous F*ing Smile    I suspect Ger might not wish to be identified with Alice’s dreamscape Chesire Cat Whose grin so defined, that all but grin disappeared. We sat in pairs in HTHSC typing class with Ger directly in … Continue reading

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What is an American?

What is an American? An American isn’t well-educated.  Education, like everything else in America is related to money:  how much you have or don’t have.  Education in its true sense of the word, doesn’t matter to Americans; in fact, possessing … Continue reading

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The Look in Their Eyes: brief descript

“The Look in Their Eyes” is a story about the existential connection between the “look in their eyes”and the question of the meaning of existence. The Look is a look of Want.  It is primitive, in the sense that it’s … Continue reading

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response to Henry Giroux’s clear-eyed take on today’s American far-right-ism

index.php?option=com_k2&view=item&id=7086:the-scorchedearth-politics-of-americas-four-fundamentalisms June 5, 2012:  lilyfield says: I read this article and liked it very much.  I think ‘fundamentalism’ is a good description of the extremist mentality of America’s government and society these days.  It is so strange to be in the midst … Continue reading

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Die Antwoord — A South African upper-class lookdown

salt-of-the-middleclass June 7, 2012 at 3:15 am: lilyfield says: your sense of class superiority is almost frightening!! I am a 50-year-old American.  Die Antwoord has an formidable appeal that is totally foreign, totally breaks boundaries!! They perform harmoniously… the two rap … Continue reading

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halloween joker

and dressed up for Halloween as the Joker, he — always so normal, always so correctly-behaved! — began to feel unfamiliar stirrings deep within, disturbances, shadowed partial remembrances, dream-like and as if from long long ago, time before time…. and … Continue reading

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and she was wearing fringe, long fringe. Her soft brown suede boots were sheathed in long thin fringe and her matching brown soft suede jacket had the same long fringe, two rows in the back and another row up and … Continue reading

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lilyfield bio Lily Field is a writer and editor living in the Chicago area.  Personal writings reflect a spectrum of  thought and interest.  Of particular interest to Lily are social issues, especially as pertain to man’s tendency to control others, and the … Continue reading

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