The Look in Their Eyes: brief descript

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“The Look in Their Eyes” is a story about the existential connection
between the “look in their eyes”and the question of the meaning of
The Look is a look of Want.  It is primitive, in the sense that it’s
irrational and animal, even beast… It is a look that is in mens’ eyes in spite
of Civilization.  It isn’t civilized.  It contains madness and aggression.  It
is the look of selfishness and desire.  The “Want” is unsatisfiable.  No matter
how much the human male acquires of earthly gain:  how much money, how many
possessions, how many beautiful women… no matter the profit at the expense of
others… the Want will take,  the Want will kill…. the Want is something
unknown that comes from beyond the individual man… it is infinitely
The male “want look” causes woman to subconsciously desire to be
the acquisition that completes, answers, and fulfills the Unsatisfiable Need.
But the Want is never satisfied, the Object, Woman, is never enough.
this absence of resolution parallells the absence of answerability of
the question of the meaning of existence
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