response to Henry Giroux’s clear-eyed take on today’s American far-right-ism

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June 5, 2012:  lilyfield says:

I read this article and liked it very much.  I think ‘fundamentalism’ is a good description of the extremist mentality of America’s government and society these days.  It is so strange to be in the midst of a society that seems so needlessly cruel in so many different areas — in particular the prison system (and children are being incarcerated at a vastly accelerated rate, also being held in solitary confinement, also put into adult prisons), and the “wars” (quotes because if you ask any American why we are in Iraq, Afghanistan… they are confused and stutter helplessly!!)

Maybe we were always very cruel – but these days, school are like little prisons (not the schools of the privileged) with kids being searched, watched, drug-tested, harrassed by police at school, taken off from school to junior prisons for any little infraction.  Young people are arrested and put in prison for “suspicion of belonging to a gang”.  Lately there were 2 separate incidents of 6-year-olds being handcuffed in kindergarten class and taken off to the the police station!!   people accept this!!  is that strange????

In his many books and articles, Henry Giroux addresses today’s social realities regarding American children with a great deal of insight, including the idea that America considers entire groups of people, “disposable” — mostly the poor black population (witness apathetic government response to Hurricane Katrina’s human wreckage) which comprise large urban ghettoes in every city, but also working class kids!!  Large groups of these populations live their lives within the ever-expanding prison/probation system (& for-profit prison is now a rising industry!)

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