thinkin’ bout elitism and the Great Civilization Pretense

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masking your own fear of life in a life-long pretense of so-called
while passively endorsing the suffering, despoiling, torture and killing of
whoever and whatever threatens the illusion of being a game-player rather than a
game being played
– being in “control” rather than being out-of-control — being a ‘master
of the universe’ rather than another piece of dust — pretending you are
“something” rather than just a fleeting imcomprehensible interval between the
abyss of before birth and the abyss of after death — basically constructing a
pretend structure for the sake of protecting yourself against the terrifying
unknown…the abyss
running away from your own fear, running away when the people who love you
need you the very most…… by preoccupying yourself with playing a meaningless
meaningless game, the nature of which perpetuates both the pretense and the cost
of the pretense — extraordinary human and planetary suffering…. because you
are afraid of the abyss!!!!!!!!
How is this OK?????????
And of course sooner or later we will all realize….. the abyss is the way….. the only way….. the abyss is the terrifying bottomless pit….. a seemingly endless pitch-black tunnel….. Jump in, Fall in, Let go…… the way out, is the way through
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