global consciousness vs. the NWO II

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so, as mentioned earlier, I, lilysoleil (as I refer to my alter creative underlying and fermenting self) as opposed to my social persona – the one people see out and about, a perfectly interchangeable cog living out the American Dream — walking by homeless wrecks of humanity with barely a glance or a troubling thought, for example — I tend to gravitate more toward the Global Consciousness camp of human prophecy.

There are reasons for this beyond simple conviction and belief — all evidence notwithstanding.

First of all,  I’ve had 51 years to notice that people are afraid.  Fear has a spectrum, the extreme end of which is ongoing paranoia (‘hell’).  At the opposing end of the fear spectrum, fear is a potential, inside, lying dormant and awakened in times of real threat. I’ve also had 51 years to learn and realize that ‘Love’ truly is an antithesis of fear.  It’s hard to define love and love has a spectrum also; but I have learned, simply put, that Love is good and fear is bad.

Can one put such simple, absolute value judgments on emotions?

I don’t think Love or Fear are only emotions.  I think they are living unseen somethings. When fundamentalist Christians refer to Satan or Lucifer rising up to battle Jesus and God in End Times, I think they are referring to, what I think of as, Love and Fear.

I’ve arrived at these ideas through thought, experience, learning and through what I’d refer to as faith.  I’ve arrived at a higher understanding of love thanks to my own long and painful journey through the dark night.


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