global consciousness vs. the NWO

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one can’t help noticing lately, as the ‘world’ becomes more and more global from one day to the next, that two major trends of ideology are fermenting, infectiously spreading, polarizing and dichotomizing one another and their two camps of humans–like day and night, or light and dark — or good and evil…

These two ideologies concern the near future and are both prophetic in the sense that both camps herald the dawning of a new day; both believe that the ‘world’ as we know it is ‘ending’, that something profoundly different, almost impossible to imagine, is in the making, that humanity will soon be radically and irrevocably revised.

I put the word “world” in quotation marks because I gravitate more toward the global consciousness camp.  I tend to think that ‘world’ is a different thing than that ball in space which we can see from Hubble Space Telescope pictures.  I tend to think “world” has a different meaning than “globe” or “Earth”, or even the collection of living and non-living (in contrast to what elementary science textbooks are still teaching kids, I imagine that minerals and all matter are more ‘living’ than not) objects that populate the space ball.  I don’t claim to have any ‘secret’ knowledge, I just tend to think that nothing is what it appears to us humans to be.  If basically every object in the universe is composed of what appears to be balls whirling at impossible speeds around other balls whether we are looking at the macro or micro scopic levels, with impossible quantities of space between the inner ball and its satellite balls — well — and then you have light as a singularity moving at even more ridiculousy impossible speeds…  let’s face it, none of it makes any sense… one can only conclude that whatever it is humans perceive and are able to make sense of… well it’s only a fragment of the whole picture and what fraction, we have no idea.  Perhaps the fraction of reality that humans have been able to make sense of thus far is minute, like .0025% or less — we don’t know.

So, when I think of ‘world’, I think of something that is only symbolized by that which we know and are capable of perceiving and identifying as the world.  I think of something mysterious, that probably isn’t even really a ball zipping and zooming and spinning through dark space around a giant fire-ball.

When I think of humans, people, I likewise tend to believe appearances are deceptive and represent only a perhaps tiny fragment of a greater whole that we are generally unable to perceive. I don’t believe that humans are what they appear to be.  I question the concept of ‘self’ as we know it.  I’m convinced that we are all connected to one another even though we appear to be objects moving hither and thither of our own volition.



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