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Not to be redundant, but lately, I’ve been thinking about women.

I’ve been thinking about women because I’ve been learning a lot about the world through the internet news sources, which are of course, a true breath of fresh air.  There you find bounteous integrity, honesty, intelligence, curiosity, wonder and thought.

Not too long ago, before the rise of the internet, I searched for news sources which were well-written, objective, interesting, educational, integral… which didn’t leave ink on my fingers and didn’t leave me with giant piles of unwanted newspaper;  lots of trash in more than one sense of the word.  I liked the Christian Science Monitor and that’s what I used to subscribe to and have delivered to my home.

But more recently, I have a job at which I have the use of a nice computer and I’m given lots of spare time.  I’ve been discovering one wonderful news source after the next.  On Google +, I’m able to access interesting people with cutting edge, intelligent thought, reflection and innovative creativity — from all over the world!!  On Facebook, I can get most of the news sources I like in my news feed, enabling me to truly enjoy and absorb a mish-mash across-the-board reflection on what is happening today and yesterday…. and what might be happening tomorrow.  The change in my ability to access intelligent, well-written — and objective – news today versus only a few years ago, is night and day.

On the perhaps difficult side, I am becoming much more aware of harsh realities of the world around me.  I’m learning things that before, were so unsettling to me, that I avoided learning about them at all.  After 9/11, I was afraid.  I was afraid to even know about world happenings.  I had never liked hearing about or thinking about America on the warpath… and I have always felt that there had to be another way, a way other than War in Iraq, War in Afghanistan…. war, war, war.  I truly avoided learning much about our country’s agenda or about the political and economic situations all over the rest of the world partly out of fear, not wanting to feel disturbed –and partly because the information wasn’t readily accessable.

I don’t think the problems of this world are insoluble.  But along with my own increased awareness and knowledge, I’m beginning to believe that it’s imperative that individuals take it upon themselves to become better informed, better educated — and education in today’s world is different than it was even a generation ago, even half a generation ago.

What’s prevalent all over this world doesn’t seem all that different to me than what we find in a home in which a domestic tyrant exercises control over the others through intimidation, force and violence.  There is tyranny, here in America, and practically everywhere else!  and to remain oblivious nowadays, with the truly plenteous information available is to willingly wear blinders.  Or, like my own trepidation regarding real learning about the world; it’s to succumb to your fears…

 and what does any of this have to do with women??  well, stay tuned…


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