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Lately, I’ve been thinking ’bout women.

Ever since I can remember, I’ve loved books, passionately.  If I had to really and truly sum up and analyze all the works and all the writers and all the thinkers to whom I’ve responded deeply and passionately, certainly the tally totals of men vs. women would be heavily imbalanced in favor of males.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not for one second aiming for anything hostile here, believe me! — if anybody loves and likes and adores men…. well… at the same time, I am definitely female and I am now 51 years old, which means I’ve had experience and time to reflect on my own experience.  I’ve looked around and been able to reflect on what I’ve seen.  I’ve been around — not as much as some people! — but a little, and I’ve been able to reflect on and integrate what I’ve seen, read, felt, thought and experienced of people, of cultures, of society, of history… of this world and its place in this universe.  And I’ve been a mother — and a wife –and I previously lived with a boyfriend, so I’ve learned quite a lot there… oh yes indeed!

Looking back over the writers and thinkers who have interested and inspired me, I realize that women writers and women philosophers — beyond that, women filmmakers and artists — hold a special place deep in my heart.  I’m beginning to believe that a true sisterhood connects all human females in this world;  little girls, adolescent girls, young and old women.  Or maybe through and due to, my own personal experience, I’ve come to care about women as a group… because I’ve begun to realize and understand that we are different, we are special, we are unique… and we are, relatively speaking, peaceful…

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