The Bully

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The Abuser is a Bully.

An abuser can be an individual or an entity, like a hate group (KKK) or a country (America).

What is a Bully exactly?

Well, a bully doesn’t listen to others and take others’ feelings into consideration.  The bully has either little or no empathy.  The bully appears to believe that he is always in the right and that there is an ongoing threat to his own status as a person or an entity who is dominant and in control.  Likewise, there appears to be a corresponding supposition on the bully’s part that he is stronger and better than others and that others are weaker and easily-manipulated and in need of domination.

The bully’s tactics include:  manipulation, intimidation, aggression and violence.  Bully behavior is aggressive and forceful.  Again, there seems to be a rationale in the bully’s mind that everything about his behavior and tactics is  justifiable and even necessary.

Am I wrong in calling America a Bully?  When I look at the History of America, from Columbus to Obama, what I can’t help noticing is the ongoing use of force, including lots and lots and lots of killing, to achieve and sustain a position of dominance and control.

You might say, well there has always been war; it’s human, it’s unpleasant — sure, but it’s natural and probably necessary!!

I’m thinking the behavior of a household tyrant, a playground bully or a country making war on others is consistently fallacious (1 : embodying a fallacy 2 : tending to deceive or mislead : delusive), wrong-minded, paranoid and the result of psychological projection (an unconscious self-defense mechanism characterized by a person unconsciously attributing their own issues onto someone or something else as a form of delusion and denial)… and nothing more than that!

So if individuals, groups and entities are unable to use force to remain dominant and in control, what is the other and better way?

As a nation, we are starting to look more closely at school bullying.  We are all beginning to recognize that this is definitely a problem and that we can, in fact, do something to intervene and to make it better for everybody.  I read that a school somewhere in New Jersey has hired an individual whose entire position and job at the school is dealing with bullying.  And I think it is good!  Every school needs a person like that; every home with an abusive person needs help and intervention, every group whose interests and focus is hateful needs redirection and counseling, and any country who thinks making one war after the next is acceptable needs a reality check!

Because causing suffering to others isn’t okay and it isn’t even necessary.  We can have peaceful schools peaceful homes peaceful communities peaceful countries and a peaceful planet!  If every individual, group and entity lived by the creed of being inoffensive to others, of listening to others and taking their feelings into consideration, of caring about others  — this world would be fear-free!  and I believe that it is possible….

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