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yes, the plural of abyss is abysses.

I have never heard the word ‘abysses’ spoken and I don’t think I’ve ever come across ‘abysses’ in writing either.  When we hear about abysses, we usually hear of ‘The Abyss’, as if it is a commonly understood singularity, something lurking both at the very periphery of our awareness and somewhere (hopefully) at the extreme periphery of our earthly existence; better off unknown, un-thought-about, left where we have collectively decided it belongs:  in the realm of fantasy and unreality, making an unwelcome appearance in an occasional nightmare, best forgotten entirely immediately upon awakening.

In our now gone-global society, it seems that we have decided collectively, as well as had imposed on us — perhaps by the forces of evolution, civilization — maybe necessity and the powers-that-seem-impelled to exercise control at all costs:  the monetary system and the monstrous power beast that it has become, for example — a sort of superficial reality, in which we are kept busy all day every day, birth to death, unable to ever quite meet, ever quite afford and pay for, that which seems guaranteed to finally bring release.

And in addition to being made over-aware of the police, the law and the now ever-present, omnipresent threat of punishment and repercussion, we are conditioned to live within a mentally narrow-minded reality, also seemingly imposed upon us by the structure of our society.  It is so simplistic and restrictive, that creative minds have a hard time conforming, even as children.   I tend to believe that we are over-drugging our kids nowadays to force them into an ever-increasingly standardized mental box, imposed on them from the outside, by the institutions of:  the school system, the medical establishment and even the prevailing parental ‘pedagogy’, which seems much more controlling in this day and age, than it was even a generation ago, when we used to run free.

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