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Lily Field is a writer and editor living in the Chicago area.  Personal writings reflect a spectrum of  thought and interest.  Of particular interest to Lily are social issues, especially as pertain to man’s tendency to control others, and the resultant compromises and assaults on social and personal freedom.  Another area of Lily’s personal interest is spirituality.   Her focus is on the primacy of the unseen and unknown and its subtle influence, evolutionary as well as timeless,  on human beings.

Lily’s childhood experiences with the restrictive formalities and limitations of school led her to experiment with alternative education for her four children.  She enthusiastically homeschooled her children over a ten-year period.  This journey was truly formative, as Lily gradually discovered the unlimited potentials inherent in the original integral child… and likewise, the unrealized and suppressed potential of the individual.

Lily has a BA from University of Illinois @ Chicago in English Literature and Liberal Arts.

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