go ahead, whip me

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I always tend to think the problem is a spiritual one, and the answer is a spiritual one.

Perhaps while you are spending hard-earned dollars on psychotherapy, or spending hard-earned dollars on health insurance and then spending even more hard-earned dollars paying down your ever-increasing ‘deductible’, you are making a little progress in understanding your own destructive patterns of behavior.  Perhaps the good doctor has given you some pills to modify your emotions so that other people can tolerate you a little better and so that you can try to live from day to day at a remove from your own uncontrollable, difficult emotions.

I think that we mistakenly look to people and other material things for something elusive that can only truly be found by basically stopping the search and expectation that anything material in this universe can fill us up and fully satisfy that insatiable longing inside.

And so with relationships, especially family and intimate ones.

We see that in abusive relationships, whether they are parent-child, husband-wife or for that matter government-governed, that there is always the element of the tyranny of control, or trying to control.  We also, if taking a long objective look, can see that when one entity, whether individual, corporate, religious or political, is trying to control the sheep — it ultimately doesn’t work out well for anyone.

The oppressed feel angry, resentful, miserable until eventually there is rising up, rebellion,  revolution and overthrow.  I think that the whole impetus to control and be powerful (whether in the home, church, nation or world (New World Order)) is similarly spiritually misguided.  Witness the Chinese Cultural Revolution, the Russian Revolution — Witness what Corporate America has become.  Millions upon millions slaughtered mercilessly in the communist revolutions — in our own situation, well, I venture to guess that ‘Occupy’ is only the beginning.

Once again, there appears to be a driving human desire to possess, imagining that possession of material people and things will fill one up, satisfy the beast, if you will — and it never never really happens, or only happens momentarily, or temporarily.

I like the word ‘temporal’.  I guess I like the word ‘temporal’ because everything in our material world has the quality/tragedy of being temporal.  Things come and they go.  We have things and then we lose them.  We lose people we love.  Even stars have a lifespan:  are born and die in time.  Why do we want to hold on so desperately when everything from flower to child to planet is so temporal: so fragile, so light-filled, so transparent, so beautiful and so not really our own to begin with??

When I read about the New World Order, I want to laugh.

If I laugh at somebody who wants to dominate the whole globe, I bet that person will not laugh along with me.  I bet that person will become angry.

One thing I’ve learned in life:  tyrants are too insecure and self-important to find anything amusing about themselves, their sheep and the whole precarious human existential situation.  Another think I’ve learned;  if the tyrant’s sense of being in control is threatened — watch out!!!!!   Time for a good, hard — “You Will Obey Me!!”  — WHIPPIN’ !!!!


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