the beast

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One problem is, the beast is there inside of each of us.  We recognize the beast that abuses us.  And so we have a feeling of being empathetic and sympathetic.  Add that to the love you feel for your husband, your boyfriend or your father and there is a deep well of compassion.

Yes, it’s inside each of us.  It comes to life when we are overtaken by anger or emotional pain.  Those of us who weren’t abused as children, probably don’t lash out the way that those who have been traumatized at a young age in this way often automatically do.  We may fantasize about screaming hitting or hurting the person we are upset with, but it remains imaginative and we modify what we actually end up expressing.

When overtaken by emotional pain or anger, the abusive person literally transforms into a beast.  That person is so completely possessed by emotional fury, that they are lost within it.  The victim’s pleas to the more rational version of that person go unheard.


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