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yes, the plural of abyss is abysses. I have never heard the word ‘abysses’ spoken and I don’t think I’ve ever come across ‘abysses’ in writing either.  When we hear about abysses, we usually hear of ‘The Abyss’, as if … Continue reading

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halloween joker

and dressed up for Halloween as the Joker, he — always so normal, always so correctly-behaved! — began to feel unfamiliar stirrings deep within, disturbances, shadowed partial remembrances, dream-like and as if from long long ago, time before time…. and … Continue reading

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and she was wearing fringe, long fringe. Her soft brown suede boots were sheathed in long thin fringe and her matching brown soft suede jacket had the same long fringe, two rows in the back and another row up and … Continue reading

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the origin of consciousness in the breakdown…

I first discovered “The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind” by Julian Jaynes when I was 18, sitting on the couch in Mark Maclaine’s apartment, flipping through an Omni Magazine. I found a review of this … Continue reading

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crazy women writers

I remember a long time ago, my friend Renee mentioned that a mutual friend was enrolled in a college class called, “Crazy Women Writers”. My interest was immediately piqued, because one of my very favorite, possibly my very favorite, kinds … Continue reading

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I’ve been thinking about Simone. Simone, to me, can mean Simone deBeauvoir or Simone Weil, or both, but Simone deBeauvoir has certainly figured much larger in my life and in my heart, than Simone Weil, whom I discovered much later … Continue reading

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lilyfield bio Lily Field is a writer and editor living in the Chicago area.  Personal writings reflect a spectrum of  thought and interest.  Of particular interest to Lily are social issues, especially as pertain to man’s tendency to control others, and the … Continue reading

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regarding Colin Wilson’s monomania

I’ve spent months now reading Colin Wilson’s books, although I can honestly say, I haven’t been able to read straight through any of them, but find myself invariably skipping here there and all over the place. It has occurred to … Continue reading

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forgiveness. When we are children, we learn about forgiveness (hopefully).  We learn to apologize and we learn to accept apologies (hopefully).  As children, we are taught that God is a personage, which allows a young mind to conceive a very … Continue reading

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go ahead, whip me

I always tend to think the problem is a spiritual one, and the answer is a spiritual one. Perhaps while you are spending hard-earned dollars on psychotherapy, or spending hard-earned dollars on health insurance and then spending even more hard-earned … Continue reading

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