Dad’s Home-birth

I got to kiss my dad good-bye.

And that’s not all, I was able to be present at his home-death, as I call it, so akin to my three home-births did it seem! Now,’ death’, ‘dead’, ‘died’, etc. aren’t the right words for the passage from alive to wherever and whatever it is that transpires in that very strange event that we are all born to experience one day. But I think birth is a good word for both our entrance and our departure, birth being a word with positive and joyful connotations. So truthfully, even though I may call my dad’s event, ‘home-death’, I think of it more as a ‘home-birth’.
Now I must tell you, that my dad’s home-birth was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life, my three home-births being counted right up there alongside it. Perhaps I would never have realized the many beautiful components, if it hadn’t been for my own adventures in ultimate mystery!!…. Ultimate mystery….
I guess at this point, I must tell you that in my world, the spirit is first, physical manifestation flowing therefrom. Perhaps I’m deluded–probably, but living life from this perspective, one is able to allow life to be whatever it wants to be, to glimpse the spiritual beauty constantly, in a smile or gesture, in a flower or a cloudy sky, in water sparkling in the sun…. So even birth and death aren’t really within our control, and whatever humans may scientifically deduce from the given evidence, life appears to have enormous will, creativity and determination all it’s own!! That’s the way I see it anyway.
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  4. “I like not only to be loved, but also to be told I am loved.” ~ George Eliot

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