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No homeschooling manifesto would be complete without some explanation of “Unschooling”. Within the homeschool movement, there are subdivisions.  First of all, and comprising the majority, are the Christian homeschoolers.  The Christian homeschoolers can be subdivided into two basic camps:  Catholic … Continue reading

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My Happiness Matters

My Happiness Matters. Sometimes I think this must be self-evident! — that one’s own happiness ‘matters’, but the truth is, I learned this, like everything else, the hard way. In the course of raising four children, taking their education and … Continue reading

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Be Yourself!

Nowadays, when a young person confesses something to me along the lines of… “I feel like I’m ‘different’….”, I say, “You feel like you’re different because you are different!  God doesn’t make copies!  You are unique and special and there is … Continue reading

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