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It Began With Homebirth

Both my husband and I were Rebels.  We suffered from Idealism as well.  His had Emersonian and Thoreauvian hues and tones, self-and-nature-reliance, a little extreme maybe.  Sometimes looking at him, I would be reminded of the father in Paul Theroux’s novel, ”Mosquito … Continue reading

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and I was quoted in Time Magazine!

Twice a month, I met with a non-denominational homeschool group of moms and kids, to discuss business and ideas, homeschool classes, groups and projects, and just to picnic and socialize.  It was always very leisurely and the kids would all … Continue reading

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and Children’s Happiness Matters

But the homeschooled kids were happy kids.  What’s more, their creative flow was beautiful, stunning, integral — a thing to behold!  Without school, growing continued to be a very natural process.  What I mean by this, is that the high-energy … Continue reading

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Confessions of a Former Homeschool Mom

“I don’t even know what mainstream people think anymore,” I said to my sister, Cindy, “what do they think?” “They think homeschoolers are harming their children,” my sister replied matter-of-factly. Aside from suspecting that my sister was firmly a member of … Continue reading

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Hi! Lilysoleil…what does that mean? My name is Lily.  I’ve always liked my name.  When I was young, I was the only Lily around and I was shy.  Often when adults asked me my name, they didn’t hear me and … Continue reading

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