lilyfield bio

November 22nd, 2011

Lily Field is a writer and editor living in the Chicago area.  Personal writings reflect a spectrum of  thought and interest.  Of particular interest to Lily are social issues, especially as pertain to man’s tendency to control others, and the resultant compromises and assaults on social and personal freedom.  Another area of Lily’s personal interest is spirituality.   Her focus is on the primacy of the unseen and unknown and its subtle influence, evolutionary as well as timeless,  on human beings.

Lily’s childhood experiences with the restrictive formalities and limitations of school led her to experiment with alternative education for her four children.  She enthusiastically homeschooled her children over a ten-year period.  This journey was truly formative, as Lily gradually discovered the unlimited potentials inherent in the original integral child… and likewise, the unrealized and suppressed potential of the individual.

Lily has a BA from University of Illinois @ Chicago in English Literature and Liberal Arts.


March 1st, 2011


Lilysoleil…what does that mean?

My name is Lily.  I’ve always liked my name.  When I was young, I was the only Lily around and I was shy.  Often when adults asked me my name, they didn’t hear me and said, “Louie!??”  I developed a complex about being able to say my name clearly, which I still suffer mildly from to this day.

However, as mentioned, I have always liked my name.  Lily seems like a beautiful word to me with beautiful connotations.  The lily flower seems sensuous, wild, triumphantly trumpeting, vibrantly colorful, unique, with varying fragrances, some of which (stargazer, my favorite) are almost sickeningly and too heavily earthy and sensuous.

Soleil.  Soleil means ‘sun’ in French.  Soleil is not my last name.  I like the word soleil very very much.  Lately, in my life, I’ve realized how singular and how special the sun is.  Okay it’s a star among zillions of stars, but it’s the only sun we’ve got and it does practically everything for our planet.  And it does a lot for us personally.  When it’s sunny, we are happy.  When it’s gloomy, so are we.  Something that I’ve incorporated into my long, gloomy Chicago winter is sun-meditation through the window.  I’m not one of those fortunates who can constantly jet off to sunny climes when displeased with my own,  but I’ve found that even in the heart of January, lying in the window absorbing a rare sunshiny day, all the happiness of summer is right here, inside of me, waiting to be enlivened by sunshine!

Why soleil?  why not sun?  well, I love French!  Not only do I love the sound of the French language and the composition of the words and grammer, but I like the way French people have French style!  I like Parisian cafes and I like French music and I like the booksellers along the Seine and I like Simone de Beauvoir and the existential gloominess of Sartre; I  love Michel Foucault and Simone Weil, and I like Celine and I like American writers who’ve been influenced by the French:  T.S.  Eliot and Henry Miller, and of course Nelson Algren, who was personally influenced by Simone deB ~~ and I just like something about the romantic feeling of everything French!!  I even like the limitations I perceive of the French language and the French culture, because they are all the more human to me for it.

I like the way ‘soleil’ is spelled, and I like the fact that it has 2 ‘l’s’.  I like l’s!!! Not to digress, but I named my daughter ‘Ella’ because I liked the ‘L’ sound……

Finally, you will notice that Lilysoleil is one word.  Why?  Well, I don’t want anyone to think that ‘Soleil’ is my last name.  I also want to blend my ‘Lilyness’ with my ‘sunness’ here, because, when sun-meditating, lily and soleil are one.

Well, enough about me!!!  Welcome to Lilysoleil!!!  If the sun isn’t shining out there today, just smile.  Sunshine lives in our hearts… all the time.